Old building has stood the test of time from 1800 to present.
Old building has stood the test of time from 1800 to present.
This Historic building is located 290 S Main Street, Waldron, Arkansas. It has been located here since 1800. Now that's an old build! It has been put to good use over the last several years as a factory, clothing store and now a Antique Store. 

Joe's Salvage and Antiques has a variety of salvage and antique items for sale, both large and small. We have every item reasonably priced so you can either add them to your collectible treasures or resell them in your Antique Malls, Vintage shops, and booths.

You can always find something of interest for sale in our antique store. Plan a day trip to see our beautiful Highway 71. Coming down south from Fort Smith and Fayetteville or going north from Mena and New Boston, TX. It makes for a great day to just sightsee in our beautiful Arkansas small towns.

We are a small town antique shop that does the collecting for you from individuals cleaning out closets to dear ole grandma's antique and vintage items that just have to be passed on because nobody has room for them.

We also attend auctions from different towns like Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Russellville, Little Rock, South Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma. Our main focus is on the vintage and antique items to fill our store. To the unusual unique items that are different and really catch the eye.

We are not a flea market nor do we have different booths. We are the owners of our items. So come ready to make an offer! We love to bundle.

We collect pocket knives, costume jewelry, watches, necklaces, and earrings. We have dinette sets, fine china, old dishes, Fire King, silverware, glasses, and dinnerware.

Cast Iron items from iron skillets to iron wheels and old tractor seats.

We also have reclaimed furniture from old barn and house lumber. They are handcrafted into end tables, TV tables, pie safe, hutches, and bookshelves. All are made from the old lumber that has flaws. So if you order a set of end tables or bookshelves the lumber will be different in colors and can be a little different in size. The lumber is not perfect and neither are we. We do our best with the measurements that you give us. We also have items already handcrafted for your viewing in the shop.

If you're looking for that small town adventure, bargains, or just a good ole country boy, then come on down to Joe's Salvage and Antiques at the Parsley Store, and find some true treasures from the past.

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Our payment plan is CASH ONLY.
Our Antique Store as it appeared in 1900.  Ours is the 3rd one on the left going North on Main Street Waldron. One of the advertisement at that time was the Bird's Service station. I believe this old building has stood the test of time.
Main Street Waldron in 1929
Main Street Waldron in 1929
Main Street Waldron in the 1900's.
Main St Waldron
Main St Waldron
As our buildings and main street stand today, 2017.